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Wiseway is one of the first education consulting companies for studying in the UK and has always been the leader in this field.Our UK Department keeps sound relationships with nearly 100 UK universities like Bristol University, Durham University, the University of York, the University of Manchester. With the help of Wiseway, over 3000 students have fulfilled their dreams of studying in the UK.


Over 50 experts at home and abroad are working in our US Department. With years of researching, teaching and working experience, they help over 1,500 students get enrolled in their prestigious universities in the US each year. The average success rate of visa applications exceeds 95%.


The Australia Department has established partnerships with all the famous universities and colleges in Australia, including the University of Sydney and the University of Melbourne. Having good relationships with the Australian Embassy and consulates, Wiseway could always have access to the latest information on visa policy, which enables us to make adjustments in our service accordingly. The approval rate of our Australian visa applicants has consistently averaged 98% for many years.


The Canada Department maintains good relationships with more than 30 leading Canadian universities such as the University of Toronto, UBC, as well as with Canadian high-schools administrations amongst which we could mention the Toronto District School Board and the Burnaby District School Board.


The Europe Department focuses on major countries in the European area such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, etc. We have unique privileges in applying for famous German universities and universities offering master degree programs conducted in English, such as RWTH Aachen University (sole agency) and Technical University of Munich.
The Netherlands Section manages all applications for both private and public schools in the Netherlands.and it has established long-term and steady partnerships with the leading universities of the country over the last ten years. Applicants that we recommend and advise enjoy very high admission rates.


The Asia Department has established partnerships with nearly 200 institutions of higher education and language training schools from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries in the region. Wiseway is a brand in its own merits of “studying in Asia pathways”. Our students are provided with a complete service ranging from overseas education planning to university and visa applications. We build bridges for students who want to have an access to the best higher education in Asia.