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We are very happy with the number of students referred to Durham by Wiseway; you recruit the highest number of students for us each year from all of our agents across all markets. We have also been extremely pleased with the level of support offered with regards to market knowledge and organizing inward visits. I can always rely on a quick and helpful response from the team which tends to mean I contact Wiseway more often than our other Chinese agents.

Victoria Anderson

Assistant Director

University of Durham

The University of Sheffield and Wiseway have worked for several years now promoting the University and its study program in China. This successful partnership has led to several highly qualified Chinese students currently following advanced Higher Education courses at Sheffield. They all highly appreciated the invaluable guidance and support which Beijing Wiseway are able to provide. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Wiseway and hope that with Wiseway's assistance more Chinese students will be able to secure their future at the University of Sheffield.

Gosia Wells

Head of International Recruitment

University of Sheffield

Since 2007, Wiseway has worked hard to send bright and well-qualified students to the University of Leicester and we are pleased to continue our cooperation with them.

Ms. Caroline Berry

Head of International Market Development

University of Leicester

CSUF is very grateful to establishing and maintaining an active partnership with Wiseway. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with your company. My overall evaluation of Wiseway is very positive. The staff members at Wiseway are very professional and extremely pleasant to work with. Recently my colleagues and I had the experience in working with your company on the CEAIE conference expo. You and your team members did a great job in preparing, decorating, coordinating, and managing the booth for our university. Your efficiency, professionalism, enthusiasm, and productivity have left a deep impression to us. We are very positive that CSUF and Wiseway will continuously work together and have more cooperation opportunities in the future. CSUF very much values the positive working relationship with Wiseway and looks forward to more success in our future cooperation.

Lisa Xue

Director of International Outreach

California State University, Fullerton

I am delighted to see another successful year of working with Wiseway and this year there is an improvement on previous years in terms of numbers. There have been just over 100 students supported by Wiseway enrolled into the University of Southampton which is excellent. So well done! Apart from being professional in promoting the University of Southampton and our courses, in the past year you have strongly supported our visits including academic member of staff's visit which I am pleased too and hope this level of support can continue.

Zoe Yao

Country Development Manager

University of Southampton

I have been working with Wiseway for 13 years in the capacity of International Officer in British Further Education Colleges. I have always enjoyed visiting Wiseway offices which have mainly been in tier one cities for a number of reasons. Firstly, the Marketing Liaison Managers have always been professional and well organised and encouraged a large number of counsellors to attend my presentations where they have been very attentive and were not reticent to ask questions both at the end of the presentations or by e-mail after I returned home. The counsellors have also been professional and well trained. They know the UK well and have usually studied here or travelled to the UK. Most importantly, the counsellors are able to direct appropriate students to apply to the colleges I have worked for which has ultimately resulted in success and achievement for all concerned and in particular Wiseway's clients. My relationship with Wiseway has been an enjoyable and productive one which I am sure will be maintained in future.

Brian Pellettier

International Officer

Chichester College