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Our Mission

Wise               –    Choose Wiseway, you choose a wise way.

International    –    Internationally-oriented, we alsways provide first-hand information in the industry.

Smart              –    We have teams of smart and qualified counselors.

Enthusiastic     –    Being enthusiastic is our service philosophy all the time.

Wide               –    We have widespread educational resources around the globe.

Attitude           –    Living is all about attitude, so does studying abroad.

Youthful          –    We are young and energetic, devoting our youthful years to our undertakings.

Mr. WANG was offered an appraisal calligraphy work for his outstanding contribution to education in China, written by Mr. LIU Bin, the former Vice-Minister of Ministry of Education of PRC.

We provide customer-oriented and credible services, and we strive to be the strongest brand in the international education industry!

We will maintain an acute perspective and judgment, and keep abreast with the education development at home and abroad.

Wiseway will offer you the latest, most accurate and comprehensive information about overseas studies and visa application. Providing personalized guidance as customers' wishes is always our aim.

Credible service brings us a high reputation in the industry. We are looking forward to facilitating your pursuit of dreams and making new achievements!

Our goal is not merely about student placements, but rather about selecting educational institutions and programs that best fit the needs for students' lifelong development, and thus help build their future!