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International Exchange

  • Dr David Pilsbury, Deputy Vice Chancellor for International Development from Coventry University Visits Wiseway

  • Mr. Robert John Allison, Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University visits Wiseway

  • The Colleagues from University of San Francisco Visited Wiseway

  • The Director of International Department from University of Exeter Visted Wiseway

  • At University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

  • With Professor of Fordham university in the United States

  • Mr. Wang met Dr. Leonard Trudoat at University of Missouri-St. Louis

  • University of York visited Wiseway

  • Mr. Wang in NetEase business activity

  • Mr. Wang met Graham Davis from London City University and Neil from University of Stirling

  • Mr. Wang visited to University of Detroit Mercy with Dr Lin

  • Visited to The University of Utah

  • Wiseway Was Awarded the Certificate of Honor by Navitas Limited.

  • Mr. Wang visited to Michigan State University

  • visite to Korean University

  • Visit to Toledo University in US